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Children's Eyesight Tests & Examinations

Vision Care for Children in Worcester

All babies will have their eyes checked at birth and then at about six weeks of age by a GP or health visitor. Young children with suspected vision problems will be referred to an orthoptist, who is part of the eye care team and generally work alongside with ophthalmologists and optometrists. Orthoptists work in local health clinics or hospital eye clinics.


Once your child's vision has been checked it is important to continue with regular sight tests. Your child should have a check-up at least every two years as problems can occur at any age. At Specs Express we are experienced and comfortable dealing with children of all ages and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Eye tests for children are free until the age of 16


Your child should have their eyesight checked regularly as part of the NHS routine screening programme for conditions such as long-sightedness. However, you can have their eyes tested at any time if you are concerned.


In children, severe hyperopia can cause them to "over-focus", leading to double vision. This in turn can lead to two possible eye-related conditions:

  • crossed eyes (strabismus), where the eyes are not properly aligned with each other and focus on different things
  • lazy eye (amblyopia), where one eye becomes dominant over the other 

If you notice that your child is struggling to see things in the distance, such as the blackboard at school, contact us to arrange a sight test with our optometrist (optician).